A Concrete Block Acoustic Guitar?
We know it's ridiculous, but we wanted to test the limits of what our Naturacoustic ™ piezo bridge could do, so we put a neck on a concrete block to see if our piezo bridge would still create a great acoustic sound on the worst possible guitar... You’ve gotta see it.
Watch The Video.

Lashbrook’s Naturacoustic ™ Piezo Bridge pat. pend.
Our Tune-O-Matic style piezo bridge features tone wood
construction and pat. pending design which maximizes
resonance transfer to deliver natural “acoustic” tones.
It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard!
Now Sold Separately!


“...The Elite of Ultra High End Instruments”
Eric Kirkland of Guitar World Magazine takes a Lashbrook LTH-1 “Custom” for a test drive.
Read what he had to say...


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